Economic Impact of Student Loans

Student Loans
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We talk a lot on this site about methods to lower student debt (and increase your income through proper major selection), but we don’t always talk about the impact that it has on the broader economy.

Often times, understanding the pulse of the housing market can indicate how exactly the economy is doing. In 2009, it was on life support. In 2010, it came back, but largely because it was propped up by government subsidies for new home buyers (remember that $7,500 credit) and low interest rates.

Over the last couple of years, the economy has kind of meandered, but the article discusses the direct impact millennials had on the housing market.

In summation, the burdensome student loans millennials carry has not allowed them to enter the home buying market as past generations have done at similar ages. As a result, the boon may take a bit longer for their generation.

July 17, 2017

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