Harvard, 438th? New College Rankings in Town

If there is something we love here at EDUsquared, it’s common sense. We realize that just because you have the most money, resources, and the smartest people in the room, doesn’t mean you are going to succeed. History has a slew of examples we can pull from. The Roman empire, any US car manufacturer, Nokia, heck dang near any Fortune 500 company from the original 500. Did you know of the original Fortune 500 only 11% are left in some form or fashion? Funny to think about because by the very nature of being in the Fortune 500 you had access to more of everything than your competitors.

This however teaches us a really good lesson. Persistence can topple mountains. Thus, when the below article came out, we fell in love. CollegeNet and PayScale created the SMI (Social mobility index) taking college rankings and re-adjusting them to calculate who best creates opportunity AND gets results. They value 5 things – “tuition, percentage of the student body from low-income households, graduation rate, salaries of grads once they start working, and the size of each school’s endowment”.

A view like this gives us a very different view of what it means to be top 10. Schools like FIU, Rowan, and Montana Tech suddenly get to see daylight. Take a peek at the full list HERE.

July 17, 2017

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