Kickstart Your College Credits

Full-time attendance at most universities is a 12 credit course load, while most universities charge the same whether you are taking 12 credits or 18 credits. Although it is difficult and challenging to take the maximum number of courses, these extra credits can help you graduate up to a year early. Imagine if you saved year’s worth of tuition! — Signing up for the extra class is also a good backup plan if you do not know the professor or course work that will be required. Sometimes by mixing up your schedule, with a variety of classes, you can complete your degree at a faster rate, and get the most for your tuition dollar.

Another great way to save money is to take a College Level Entrance Placement exam, also known as a CLEP test. For usually about $50, you can take a test in a myriad of college subjects, and if you make a qualifying score, you can even earn 3 or more college credits. Keep in mind, that some universities will limit the amount of CLEP credits you may use toward your degree, however, pass a couple of these tests, and you could save yourself a semester or more of your hard work, time, tuition fees, books, and all the other living expenses that come along with extra time in college. Get started today!

Planning Your CLEP Strategy

  • Choose the subjects where you are interested and have a good foundational knowledge. Remember you’re trying to pass a college final, without even stepping into the classroom. They’re not easy!
  • See when CLEP courses are located in your area. Start planning well in advance.
    • Ask your school guidance counselor to see if the school has a fund to pay for the CLEP testing fees, or perhaps there is a local organization that might sponsor you. Why not try to save some money!
    • Military service men and women, sometimes even ROTC, can qualify for free CLEP testing.
  • If you don’t pass, but were really close, you can try again. Just review a little more!

College Level Entrance Placement exams are an excellent way to get ahead before you even start.

For more information, visit the CLEP website.

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July 17, 2017

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