Must See Student Loan Interview

This is one of those posts that needs to be seen by everyone that takes our courses here. Yes, it’s my brother, and yes, these are 100% real figures. Student debt, as we discuss throughout our site, is approaching crisis status. Money is too easy to get a hold of and studies have shown it is contributing to the rising tuition costs. Seems pretty simple right? If schools know anyone can get a loan to come to their school, what incentive do they have to keep the prices down? This is why I wanted to provide this insightful interview with my brother. He doesn’t outright say it but I will give you a little bit of insight. The top 5 law firms in the U.S. pay the most. They pay anywhere from $150,000 to $180,000 your first year out of law school. They only recruit from top 10 law schools. Sometimes even more selective than the top 10. He is in that category. Flat out, he is part of the 1% group but that’s not because it was given to him. My dad (who funded our undergrad educations) didn’t contribute a dime. It was a matter of principal, all his kids would have to pay for their own grad school. Eric, as it just so happens, wanted to go to one of the most expensive law programs out there. He then decided to combine that with an MBA. As a result, he is coming out with around $333,000 worth of debt (Go University of Virginia!). Luckily, he has a couple of really nice offers coming out of school that justify paying that much for his education. To me, he knew his capabilities and was able to execute his plan. Not everyone seems to be able to do this and that’s why we urge everyone to really evaluate their education game plan.

August 7, 2017