Pre-College Top 10 Most Important Links: #1

Our College Solutions Course is our flagship course. We highly recommend you also check out our College Savings Course, because it provides money saving financial tips and a great approach on how to target the right colleges based on your circumstances. It is important to understand that the real savings and future earnings is in the major and career you pick moving forward. If you pick a degree that gives you skills that aren’t in demand in the marketplace, but maybe is fun to study, in our eyes, you might as well set your wallet on fire because you won’t be needing it.

We think if you enjoy something you should definitely do it, but you also need to have a return on your investment. Our program walks you through all of the degrees, what they do, the curriculums, the type of person that likes that major, the top jobs you can go get with that major, the major’s unemployment rate, and the potential starting salaries from that major. Thus, at the end of the program you can look at any degree from any institution and know exactly what your skill sets will be like, how the market views that skill set  (through the salary they are offered and unemployment rates), and what you could be doing with that degree.

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No more will students not know what a particular major does in the real world. No more will parents not know how to provide post secondary educational guidance to their children. No more will thousands of dollars have to be spent for students to “find themselves” or “figure it out”.

Calculated decisions that put more dollars in your pocket and hopefully lead to a more rewarding life are critical!

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July 17, 2017

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