Pre-College Top 10 Most Important Links: #2

Our College Savings Course! Well we think it only makes sense that we call this the second most important link when preparing to go to college. This course is awesome. Did you know that on average it is taking students over 54 months to get through school nowadays? That’s a lot of extra tuition that isn’t appropriated for.

By choosing a college ahead of time that provides more grants and merit-based scholarship money, has lower costs, and your major has more value on the market place, you can help increase your overall return on investment when choosing a college. Notice the big components – grants and lower tuition rates. We have provided 8 previous links on how to do just that, but that takes a lot of time, energy, and resources to read, fully comprehend, and come back to.

College Savings Course
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That’s why we created our video courses. Our videos are produced in bite size chunks, so that you can consume and learn at your own leisure. We wouldn’t provide a 100% money back guarantee on this product, if we weren’t sure it would help both the parent and student make smart financial decisions for funding post secondary education.

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July 17, 2017

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