About Us

What we do

EDUsquared is a comprehensive college planning company that provides high school students and their parents the blueprint for unlocking the student’s long-term satisfaction and success, while at the same time limiting student debt. We want you to graduate college on-time with low student debt and a job that makes you happy through calculated decisions surrounding college choices. 

Meet the Team


Daniel founded EDUsquared in 2014 after he found himself going on massive rants while on a ski trip with his buddies about how absurd it is that students aren’t taught about all of the choices they have while attending college. Even after his sophomore year, he didn’t know what an engineer actually was. His friends jokingly said, “How about you do something about it?” So, the stubborn son of a gun did.

Daniel graduated in 2009 with degrees in Finance and Supply Chain capping it off with an MBA in 2014, all earned from Arizona State University. He has been in IT/Supply Chain consulting for 8 years but became very passionate about secondary education in America.


Adam is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Development at EDUsquared. He has earned both a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from Indiana University at Bloomington.
Over the past four years, Adam has helped a range of Fortune 500 companies with information technology and business challenges. He is now extremely excited to help parents and students navigate through a wealth of information to discover the best opportunities in post-secondary education.