College Planning and Understanding the Process

College Planning Guides, College Planning Tools, and Understanding the Overall College Planning Process

College planning is a tough subject largely because I could write for days as to how to go about this process. However, college planning doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. The sad truth is that it can be pretty simple, but the real issue that makes it stressful is that there is often too much information. Every site you visit wants you to sign up for their email list which will inevitably lead to six more useless emails crowding your inbox. Fortunately, this site was founded by two guys who don’t have time for that nonsense. Instead, we found a sensible way to provide students and parents with a guide to the college planning process. The best part? Our college planning guide and the college planning tools are free! Yeah, I said it – free!

College Planning

The planning guide is an 11-page road map that outlines when, where and how to start and finish your college planning. Sign up HERE or navigate to the bottom of our Homepage and enter your e-mail address to enjoy this free tool.  We promise that six worthless emails won’t show up before anything else. Instead, the VERY FIRST email (after the confirmation email because we’re legit like that) will be the PDF of the college planning guide. But, just so you don’t have to sign up thinking you might be duped into yet another email subscription, let me go ahead and break down the EDUsquared college planning guide.

First, the name of our guide is Steps to Success: College Planning Made Easy. Are you guys noticing a pattern with us? We don’t like making things difficult which is exactly why our How It Works  page is so flippin’ simple!

Second, the whole document is basically a pre-college checklist that begins with “Preparing for the SAT and ACT.” In this section, we provide insight into questions such as “How important is it really?” and “What are the best SAT prep programs?” This section (and the guide as a whole) is packed with unique insight from two guys who have been there and done that. We’re also insanely numbers-oriented so if we can’t back up our information with facts and figures…we won’t even include it!

Next, we identify the four or five things you should do to help identify your target schools. We provide a few useful tools that are, of course, free! These include everything from personality tests and FAFSA forecasters to school search engines (that are undoubtedly better than dozens of other well-known sites) and an approach to narrowing your school choice.

The next step in our college planning guide is all about the money and how to apply for scholarships. Let’s face reality for a moment, alright? We don’t know you so how exactly can we advise you on what scholarship to apply for? Though the conversation is challenging and you may laugh at our advice, we are positive that you’ll learn more than you ever imagined in this section! After all, it’s all about the money!

Next, we move on to discuss why visiting a school is so important to the admissions, application and early decision processes. We also provide tools to help you properly complete the FAFSA in addition to a few questions to ask yourself about each school after you’ve been accepted (no surprise here as these questions are numbers based!).

Overall, our goal is to provide parents and students with a simple and valuable guide that outlines the basics of college planning. We’ll say it again – this guide isn’t for people who want the whole enchilada and mounds of information. This is just the basics!

Our actual College Planning program as described on our Homepage is about a methodical process where we do all of the digging for you. In the program, you take a couple of tests and we bring the data to you. There is no endless searching on the internet and no need to read site after site. Our program is a video-delivered process that focuses on two things:

  1. What degree best suits my personality and the needs of the economy
  2. How do I drive the cost of getting that degree down?

To us, if you find a degree that fits your personality and is in demand, then you have a great shot at success in life. Why not see if you can get that degree cheaper by understanding the key metrics schools judge scholarships etc. on? If you can, well hot dang, now you’re a smart shopper!

July 17, 2017

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